The Measure Of All Things

The Measure Of All Things is a software exploration of the construction of traditional Islamic geometric forms, build during my 2019 Sheherzade residency in Lahore, Pakistan, where I joined 20+ local artists to take over the ancient walled city of Lahore, a UNESCO candidate heritage site. I spent the first half of the residency working on paper, learning the core ideas and concepts behind the creation of the geometric designs that underpin Islamic architecture and visual culture. I then brought this learning into software while on site, creating a large-scale projection work that created infinitely recurring designs that played back their own construction as if being drawn by hand. The project also took in colours and design inspiration from the architecture and art I encountered during my brief stay in Lahore, allowing the piece to get richer and more colourful as I wandered the city. Big thanks to British Council and Madlab for making this happen, I hope this project is the first step in a larger exploratory push on this subject for me.