every thing, every time (2018)

A new and evolved version of Naho Matsuda’s ‘every thing, every time’, for the Great Exhibition of The North 2018, presented in a new split-flap display fabricated by Raskl, powered by data from Newcastle’s Urban Observatory.

Photo credit: Vikas Shah

“every thing every time, an artwork by Naho Matsuda, takes information from our interactions within the city to tell a new story about the people and the places of Manchester.

With the rise of the ‘Smart City’ asking important questions of what we want from the future, where do we see ourselves in it? As Manchester’s citizens interact with the city, a poem is generated, made anonymous and resonated across several locations, from a garden centre to a public library; a university square to a city laboratory.

A meditation on the data that passes through the fabric of the city each day, every thing every time questions not only the role data has in our lives, but the use and value it has as it is collected. Can we see the urban landscape differently through the technologies that make sense of it?”