work / talks

SuperByte 2014

An improvised audio-reactive livecoded performance, carried out over five continuous hours. Displayed on multiple screens and projectors at Manchester's FabCafe as part of the SuperByte Festival 2014. More on this project can be found here.

Manchester Algorave

Six short-form audio-reactive livecoded visual sets, as part of the 2014 Manchester Algorave at Manchester's Deaf Institute. More on this project can be found here.

TATE Liverpool

A projected audience commentary installation for the Tate Liverpool's "A Sense Of Perspective" exhibition. Audience members were able to add their thoughts and impressions to a continually updating projection display that ran for the duration of the exhibition - over 3,000 responses in total. More on this project can be found here.


An experimental generative typography project, initiated by Cornerhouse for the new HOME gallery space. The project generates new typographic forms over hundreds of thousands of automated iterations, which were subsequently used for both print and video outcomes. More on this project can be found here.


Kyojin is an experimental audiovisual noise project, initiated alongside Davydd Pattinson after a one-off improvised performance for the Manchester Girl Geeks' noise party. Kyojin is a continuous exploration into live audio and visual noise creation, for both recorded output and live performance. More on this project can be found here.


An ongoing micro-blog project, to demonstrate what can quickly be done in very little code using the Cyril livecoding environment. Check it out here.